How it works

We want to engage you – our community, the experts. That’s where Engage comes in.

To get you involved, we’re using a number of interactive tools to gain your feedback and expertise, and inform and develop our work. Share the ideas that matter and inspire you the most, it helps us to prioritise what matters most to the community. Discuss the key issues with your own online network and learn from your work health and safety peers and experts.

Whenever we have a question or a piece of work to develop, we will post it on this site. We regularly release new projects and ask questions of our community.

Find a topic that interests you, whether it’s good work design, mental health, or priority industries, and add your voice to the conversation.

Keep connected or get talking by subscribing to our alerts. You’ll be notified when we release a new project or a discussion seeking feedback.

The conversation doesn’t stop there though. After we receive your feedback or contributions, we keep you updated on the status of the projects and the decisions on what actions are to be taken, on this site.

Or, have a look at our current open projects to see what we’ve got on the boil. You can also access our past consultations projects from this site.

Engage is managed by the Communication and Engagement team of Safe Work Australia.

If you have a question about Engage, send us an email, and we will get back to you in two business days with the most comprehensive answer possible.

If you experience any technical difficulties on this site, please email our Technical Support team.