When will the remaining WES be released for feedback?

    In March 2020, Safe Work Australia paused the release and public feedback for the WES review until further notice. Information about the recommencement of the review and revised timeframes will be communicated as soon as possible. 

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    Why are the current WES values being reviewed?

    Safe Work Australia reviewed the workplace exposure standards framework and the effectiveness of the current workplace exposure standards in modern workplaces. This found that many of the WES values required updating and highlighted that toxicological knowledge and recommendations of airborne hazardous chemicals have advanced significantly since the workplace exposure standards were first adopted in 1995.

    How long will I have to provide my feedback?

    The consultation period for this WES release will end on 30 July 2021. 

    Details about the consultation period for the remaining WES evaluation reports will be communicated as soon as possible. 

    If you have feedback for a draft evaluation report that has closed, please contact us at wesconsult@swa.gov.au for alternative submission methods.

    Will I receive a response to my feedback?

    No. Safe Work Australia is not intending to respond to the individual comments received. The feedback collected will be considered when making the final recommendations regarding the WES values. Should you have questions of a technical nature regarding the recommendation and basis for a specific workplace exposure standard that require a response please forward them to wesconsult@swa.gov.au.

    Will my feedback be published?

    No. The feedback collected will only be used by Safe Work Australia to further inform the recommended WES values. All feedback is subject to the Privacy Act (Cth 1988) and Freedom of Information Act (Cth 1982). 

    Will other people see my feedback?

    No. Other participants using Engage cannot view your comments and your comments will not be publicly available.